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About this site

This site aims to provide information about walks that are accessible for wheelchair users, whether electric or manual, pushchair and buggy users and both able and non-able bodied alike.

Developed by Jeff and Audrey Mason

Having had 28 years of wheelchair experience, Jeff began his quest to share accessible walks after finding so many previous walks now barred to him as a wheelchair user. Always looking forward to getting out an about his great hope was to share the walks with others in a similar position.

When the things you take for granted are suddenly stripped away from you, there are two choices: accept it or get on with fighting to restore them. Jeff chose the latter and this website is really Jeff’s story in part and his legacy. He wanted everyone to have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and in this site he got to play his part.

What You Will Find Here

There are over 80 walks within the site. All of them have a written description, all of them have a gallery of photographs and many of them have accompanying videos to give a better idea of their layout.  NB some of the links may go defunct after a while. If you find a broken link we would be grateful if you would let us know.

The Walks

The walks are organised by county and cover most of the Midlands and North, Yorkshire and Lancashire. The walks are then organised by area within a county.

The Photographs

All of the photographs in the galleries have been taken by Jeff's crew as they did the walk. A few images of maps have been taken from the walk site notice boards and location websites.

Video Film

In the main these are links to films that can be found on YouTube but there are also a small number taken by Jeff's crew.

Sadly we have to say this - if you use the walks listed on the site, you do so entirely at your own responsibility and risk and should check with the venues before you go to ensure they are compatible and suitable for your needs.

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