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Walking Guidebook for Wheelchair Users

The Ordnance Survey state:-

“OS’s new ‘Pathfinder Lake District and Cumbria – Accessible Routes for All’ walking guidebook opens doors to 38 stunning short walks in the Lake District National Park, the tranquil Cumbrian Solway Coast, and along sections of Hadrian’s Wall.”

Top Accessible Walks

The Outdoor Guide state:-

“Access The Outdoor Guide aims to make the outdoors inclusive for all.  We have spent many years, and are continuing to collaborate with various people and companies to build a section on The Outdoor Guide to enable this.

Our walks with wheelchairs are a selection of walks that the TOG team have carefully selected for families using all kinds of wheels from pushchairs, wheelchairs to bicycles.”

Independent information provider

Accessible Countryside for Everyone (ACE) is an independent voluntary project, it is not a sales platform, it does not endorse products, it is here to provide information and promote accessibility to leisure in the countryside of England – primarily aimed at those with mobility issues, there carers and families.